A1+ Crew

Rustie has cruised with me on my Cape Cutter and Beneteaus and has been seen on the odd Windsurfer



He is particularly useful upwind as he picks up wind shifts with his whiskers. Want to make friends? He enjoys a well barbecued sausage




My “cv”? FD’s, 5o5’s, Int14’s and windsurfers.

My photo of the Ambrose Light was taken When I was crewing on a Palmer Johnson 41 called Circe.

The Ambrose Light; the start/finish mark for so many Trans-Atlantic record attempts; is no more.

Circe was on her way to Manhasset YC on Long Island Sound after winning her class in the 1976 Bermuda Race.   4B9FE631-81EC-4005-BC44-2C0ABF11C0ED   .


My second crew rows with the Mortlake Anglian & Alpha Boat Club on the Thames: where the University Boat Race crews come  ashore. F357040E-7B06-496C-8478-A8F7685E4C7F



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